At Your Touch

Our services are always easily accessible on your tablet device, making data collection and management quick and easy.

Always on Task

A few quick taps of your finger allow for consistent and efficient data entry, and a task manager ensures your efforts stay on track.

Supporting Child Outcomes

Valuable data and intuitive reporting give you the tools to really improve student success.

About Us

My Behavior Assistant™ is an innovative software system that brings together educators, parents, and caregivers to implement evidence-based interventions and practices for children. This easy-to-use software can be used on your computer or tablet, and allows educators, parents, and caregivers to:

• Choose an appropriate intervention for children,
• Target specific behaviors,
• Set goals for children, based on their target behaviors,
• Collect observation data,
• Check integrity of your intervention process, and
• Display a child's progress through graphs,
• Feel confident that all data are stored in a secure, web-based solution available 24/7.

Everything you need to help modify children's behavior—and set those children up for success—is all in ONE PLACE! Register now to start using My Behavior Assistant™ !

  • Daily Behavior Report Card

    Do you have a child who needs to display more on-task and less disruptive behaviors? The Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC) is used to intervene with generally disruptive, challenging behaviors as well as to improve academic performance and   ...Read more

  • Check In Check Out

    Do you have a child who needs to display more on-task and fewer challenging behaviors and the child may need a mentor to help give some needed one on one time and set goals with   ...Read more

  • Good Behavior Game—Coming Soon

    Looking for a positive way to get children to display appropriate behaviors? The Good Behavior Game is an approach to the management of behaviors   ...Read more

  • Positive Peer Reporting—Coming Soon

    Do you want your children to display more appropriate social behavior and interactions with their peers? Then Positive Peer Reporting is right   ...Read more

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Success Stories

When considering a partner to help us develop our Professional Development program at Learning Ally we wanted to be sure our program would be built on evidence based best practices that have been proven in the classroom and we wanted to be sure the principal team working with us understood our mission and business. TIER provided us with both of these critical elements and it showed in the quality of the program they developed with us.